domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

My happiness recipe

A friend of mine told me that his son asked him "if we drill a hole from one Pole to the other so that we get to have a tunnel through the axis of the Earth, what happens? Do we get from one Pole to the other, de we fall?". The answer was "no"-we bounce back and forth until we get to the center and we stay there. We stay at our center.

So I tried myself to find my center and write my recipe for happiness, write it down and from time to time read it and get it well into my head so that I don't forget her.

1. Learn to stay still. As JP once told me, take a rain coat, cover yourself and let it rain. The bad things will go away.

2. Let it go. Don't get attached to things or people too much. Love them but don't get dependent. Be yourself.

3. Be silent. Empty your mind from bad thoughts and let the Sun shine in you. No matter what some say, love exists and it is there to stay. Don't listen to people who don't believe.

4. Be attentive and awake. Notice, observe, but don't get obsessed with seeing "signs".

5. Thank nature for all it offers you, open your soul and be grateful. Nature is perfect. Learn to be like her.

6. Don't complain. That doesn't help you or anybody else. You will not become more special from complaining, nor solve your problems.

7. Allow yourself the luxury to escape from what you don't like and be present and happy. Look at the magic around you.

8. Follow your dreams and be ready to give up on things that don't make you evolve.

9. Always love with all your heart, be amazed, don't take things too seriously, smile at yourself.

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Mind Power