segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009

Tu volveras

I fell in love with Concha Buika. I discovered her accidently, listening to the radio and thinking...hey, she sings a song that has in its title the name of a person I know-Lola. I talked to Lola, she told me that she is going to see her but in my ignorance I forgot to buy tickets from FNAC. The days passed by, the concert day was approaching and I still had no ticket. Then I met Andreea :-) who wanted to join me and have a nice evening in Cascais. The tickets from FNAC were inexistent-all sold out. I tried my "secret service" which is Ticketline and with no problem whatsoever I got the tickets. So our Buika adventure started yesterday and for me it still hasn't stopped yet. After many glasses of white wine :-)) we went to the concert. Cheapest tickets, best places. Far away from the stage but close to the grass. 

A nice green grass that invited us to lie on it. I looked at the sky, spotted the beautiful Ursa Minor constellation, then closed my eyes and got myself immersed into the music.....what a bliss. And Buika sang passionately as she knows so well, got sad from romantic songs, then started to make fun, admired Mariza and took pictures of her on the stage – crazy girl J I got back at 2 am by train, then took a taxi and guided the cab driver through the winding roads of Lisbon as he was Brazilian and didn’t have a clue where to go. I offered him a tip then got worried that he might not know how to get back-naïve Monica. Since then I keep dreaming, singing at the office, learning words, wonder how is it like to live in a gipsy environment like Lhasa da Sela or her (sometimes this gipsy world is soooo surpringly beautiful and crazy) offer my own interpretation to my lovely newly discovered songs… Buika. Enjoy her. 

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