segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009

The history of love

Oh, I love Lisbon. Again :-) I love that the weather is warm, it is not windy (just a little bit to let me breathe properly) and it is humid. Yes, I like all of these. Today it is one of those days when I feel that I am stepping on huge, fluffy, light pink clouds or that I am a huge giant walking in a tiny city trying not to step on the small ants. I went in my quest for street art - - in São Bento I just discovered a few graffiti, then went to buy my very inexpensive tomatoes and oranges and ended up in Jardim da Estrela. It is useless to say that I enjoyed the place more then ever. If yesterday it was crowded and it seemed that all Lisbon was there, because of some jazz event and a lovely craft fair , today it was quiet. I didn't even walked the whole park-I chose a bench not too far away from the main entrance, looked at the green parrots chasing each other, flying above the trees and making lots of noise and read my dear book-which is now this lovely book by Nicole Krauss - I love it and I cannot stop myself from smiling, laughing and talking to the characters. A lady, very hippy dress, nice hat, she was from a North European country, stopped just in front of me to talk to her little 6 months old child that she had in the stroller. Next to her was her 4-5 years old girl. The girl kissed the little baby, he smiled with all his face and his big blue eyes and looked at her mother. I smiled at him and sent him some "virtual" kisses. His mother felt a little bit embarrassed from stopping just in front of me, but I liked my baby dialogue. I took the book, the characters and myself and went home.

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  1. Lisbon is a wonderfull city, love much for people, historical,and ambiance, also, food sea.