sábado, 11 de julho de 2009


Monica is a happy girl - I look at pictures with her since she was a child and I can't stop laughing - with her funny faces and love for life. She still has this in her, and more, she loves the Sun endlessly, the sea in a passionate way, Estrela in a romantic way, she longs for Lisbon (how crazy) and would love to live her life in the most beautiful possible way - serene, floating and breathing the air with a peaceful spirit. Sometimes she doesn't succeed. This is when she is angry and gets stubborn and obsessed with little things that she doesn't have, and blames herself for that and forgets the beauty around. Luckily this doesn't last so much and she gets back on the right track. She wakes up and drinks her black coffee, squeezes her lovely, delicious, sweet, Algarvian oranges that brings back lovely memories in her head and starts dreaming. She loves movies but didn't manage to watch a good one for a while, apart from the lovely, superb "Jeux d'enfants" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364517/ , but she knows there is a new "Penelope Cruz movie" in the theaters http://samuelgoldwynfilms.com/ that she wants to see, she wants to get immersed in the Parisian life by watching Coco avant Chanel, she knows that she will soon write a beautiful article on the BES prizes and she will start dreaming again of her lovely life, praise the Moon, talk to the Sun, greet the little birds that come into her house, wish to visit Iceland to talk to the fairies and be forgiven by all the people that she got angry because of her childish behavior (sorry, sorry, sorry!) and  look at life through the eyes of a little girl that discovers the magic of life. Choose love.

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